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WBAI Real Estate Dispute: Tom DiNapol. State Comptroller and Mayor DeBlasio interfering in a real estate dispute on behalf of a liberal, progressive, anti Zionist, Leftist, Anti Trump Radio Station WBAI


- 07/11/2017
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WBAI-FM Radio, Under Siege from Empire State Building Realty Trust
New York Elected Officials Call to Preserve Historic Free-Speech Radio Station as Empire State Building Lawsuit Demands $2 Million, Puts Station at Risk

This is an excellent opportunity to debate whether this is a matter of "Free Speech Radio Station" Advocacy  or as I see it "Free Brainwashing Station" Advocacy?  

Here is an article from their perspective:

Pacifica in Court over Tower Lease Dispute
WBAI is behind on Lease payments and being sued by Empire Trust Realty Trust

Now it seems to me that ESRT has good reason to oust this tenant who deserves no slack!

Apparently, this radio station WBAI. which claims to be non for profit radio station was behind on their rent,  violating the terms on the agreement of their lease.  ESRT the Landlord does not want to negotiate with them. It seems they want this tenant out! 

They want to evict this tenant.... for good reason!

The Mayor and the State Comptroller are getting involved in this dispute. 

Now let us take a look at how this Radio Station has abused it's Non for Profit status and FREE SPEECH first amendment right,  to brainwash it's audience with a progressive, leftist, liberal bunch of lies.

So for those of you listening to WBAI, who are clueless except from the brainwashing you get from WBAI, here is some real news. 

WBAI has been brainwashing their audience with anti Trump fake news as if it is "Absolute Unquestionable Truth" that Trump and his son Donald Jr. colluded with Russia.  Please listen to Trumpwatch with Jesse Lent. You can find it on WBAI archives. Trump is called "Liar in Chief.....Not competent to be on a city council of a local government ..His presence in the White House  is a present danger to everyone in America and the rest of the World". These were quotes from the expertise Pulitzer Prize invitee to this program David Cay Johnson the anti Trump editor in Chief of DCREPORT.ORG, a Trump bashing publication. 

And they hit you with Fake News about "Palestine"  

FYI Palestine is not and never was a State nor a people nor a nation, That is ALL Fake news.  How then can this radio station speak about the Liberation of "Palestine" and the future of Peace in "Palestine" when Palestine is nonexistent except in their fantasy?    

Listen to Dennis Bernstein interviewing Don Pilager. You can find this interview on the WBAI archive news segment.

Don Pilager states as a fact that establishment of Israel is based on a myth and states as fact that Israel Stole Palestinian Land. So says Don Pilager the "award winning filmmaker and investigative reporter".  He accuses the Israeli  of having guilt for having colonized,  humiliated, denigrated, violated oppressed  had contempt, smearing feces on children's paintings, defiling, and dehumanizing the Palestinians. This was what he found in the Palestinian cultural center. This probably was all he found in the Palestinian Cultural center because the Palestinians don't have a culture to speak of.  They came into existence only within the last 20 years or so. The Jews on the other hand have a connection to Land of Israel going back to the times of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, 4000 years of connection.  These Biblical Patriarchs are prominent figures in the Bible. They are the Forefathers of the Jewish Nation. 

Here is some Jewish History based on the Bible:

Our Forefather Jacob had 12 sons. From these 12 sons came 12 Tribes.  They are known throughout the world and throughout history as the 12 Tribes of Israel. 

Israel is another name for Jacob. 

There are many that wish to erase History.  Islam is notorious for doing so.  So is UNESCO.

The Bible is backed up with evidence from biological DNA, historical,  archeological and oral tradition passed on from generation after generation.  The Palestinian People can trace their ancestry to what is now Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia etc. etc which came into existence in the last century with the Partition of the Ottoman Empire in 1918.  They do not trace back to a Palestinian Nation or people.  Arab-Palestinians only started to call themselves "Palestinians" in the mid-1960s.  They can not trace their lineage to ancient Philistine who existed before the coming of Mohammad.  Just ask them what their name is and trace their ancestry. The Palestinian people in Israel do not go back very far.  Not even a century. Possibly to 1948 when many Arabs came to Israel looking for work.  

In the 18th Century, Mark Twain said that the Land of Israel was desolate.
Mark Twain in the Holy Land
Mark Twain visited Israel in 1867, and published his impressions in Innocents Abroad.  He described a desolate country – devoid of both vegetation and human population:"….. A desolate country whose soil is rich enough, but is given over wholly to weeds… a silent mournful expanse…. a desolation…. we never saw a human being on the whole route…. hardly a tree or shrub anywhere. Even the olive tree and the cactus, those fast friends of a worthless soil, had almost deserted the country."
Let us continue the History Lesson of the Jewish People for the past four thousand years in a nutshell:

In the time of the conquest of Joshua the ancestral homeland Israel was divided among the 12 Tribes. 

What we call Judea and Samaria today, or what is called by those who prefer to erase history, the "West Bank",  was the ancestral homeland of  2 Tribes of Israel from the Kingdom of Judah. These Tribes are Judah and Benjamin.  The ancestral inheritance of the Tribe of Judah is known today as Judea and the ancestral inheritance of the Tribe of Benjamin is Jerusalem and Southern Samaria also referred to as Mateh Binyamin after the Tribe Benjamin.  

Northern Samaria is called Mateh Efraim. It was the inheritance of the Tribe of Efraim. 

The Levites, descendents of the Levite Tribe, served in the Temple in Jerusalem as Priests and as Levites.  

The Kingdom was split and the Israelite Kingdom,  10 Tribes (not the Tribes of Judah and Benjamin), went into exile and were lost. The ten lost tribes were the ten of the twelve tribes of ancient Israel that were said to have been deported from the Kingdom of Israel after its conquest by the Neo-Assyrian Empire circa 722 BCE.[1] These are the tribes of ReubenSimeonDanNaphtaliGadAsherIssacharZebulunManasseh and Ephraim.

The Kingdom of Judah (which consisted of the Tribes of Judah and Benjamin and some Levites) were exiled at 586 BCE following the destruction of the 1st Temple. They returned to the Land of Israel 70 years later They were exiled from the Land once again with the destruction of the 2nd Temple in 70 CE. They survived in exile as a people and as a Nation only to return miraculously, 2000 years later to their ancestral homeland, Eretz YIsroel. 

This did not happen in a vacuum. Jerusalem has been in the daily prayers of the Jewish People for thousands of years ever since their exile. . The Bible and the commandments kept them separate as a people. Those that survived as Jews did not assimilate.  The Jewish people of today can trace their ancestry to the Tribes of Judah, Benjamin and Levy and righteous converts to Israel. 

(Some of the Ten Lost Tribes have recently been identified and returned to the Land of Israel  but that is a side discussion.) 

This is all written up in Tanach, documented in history, and backed up by archaeology and biological DNA evidence.  This is not made up!  

Let us return to the present discussion about WBAI radio station!

The investigative reporter interviewed on WBAI apparently never investigated the War of Independence in 1948 where Israel was attacked by all her neighbors.  The Arabs left voluntarily and Israel won the war which they were forced into as they were attacked. 

(If WBAI is so keen on returning Land won in a defensive War, let them hand over their lease to Native Americans who probably deserve it more than they do.   We can be self righteous and give them a taste of their own arguments. How dare WBAI occupy Stolen Land, the Land of the Native Americans situated on the Island of Manhattan?)

This  "Free Speech" News Station leaves out many "Minor"  details which skews the narrative.   

They won't focus on the treatment Palestinians refugees receive in Arab countries,  all 22 of them, who don't welcome Palestinian refugees in their countries.   Their refugees  status last for generation upon generation keeping all the descendants refugees.  That's why there is UNRWA.  

Compare this treatment with the one and only Jewish country who welcomes all their refugees with open arms.  Jewish Refugees were taken care of and soon made a life of their own,  no longer refugees, no longer a burden on society in need of social welfare. 

Nor does he focus on the fact that more Israeli Arabs have college degrees than in any other Arab country 

They do not focus on the humanitarian treatment thousands of Arab refugees have received in Syria by the IDF 

Nor of course on the terrorist activity many Arabs engage in using their own children as human shields 

Nor the fact that they have been kept in ghettos and as victims and refugees when they were governed by their own people the corrupt Palestinian Authority whose leadership pockets most of the millions if not billions of dollars it has received from the United Nations, European Union the United States etc. 

Don't be misled.  The Palestinians are not oppressed by Israel. They are oppressed by their own leaders.   

He justifies Arab armed aggression but not the IDF right to defend itself.  

He bemoans the bombed out cities in Gaza, by Israeli rockets not bothering to mention that the attack from Israel was a defensive response to the massive rocket attacks sent from Gaza  from civilian launching sites like Schools and Hospitals. This attack in turn put their own "Palestinian" people at great risk facing Israel's retaliation violating ethical military rules of engagement. 

Are none of these facts newsworthy from his slanted perspective?

Is it surprising that WBAI will label their landlord ESRT as  greedy typical of a fascist socialist mindset who play the victim of greediness of those who happen to have money and they don't.  

Why don't they admit that they were late on their rent and didn't live up to to the terms they agreed upon on their lease?  

Why, if they can't pay the rent, do they need their radio station location to be in prime real estate in Manhattan?  If they didn't have money to pay the rent let them move to a less pricey neighborhood.  Talking about an entitlement mentality.

I don't see any reason why ESRT needs to be benevolent nor show any kindness to such a tenant who doesn't understand the meaning of appreciation. They bash anything American and yet use the Laws of Freedom of Speech to spew hateful lies and defamation against this very proud and Democratic Country and her democratically elected President who won the election fair and squar .  

How long have they been operating rent free, victims of a "greedy" landlord? 

The fact that they call themselves a Non for Profit Organization is very problematic and should be thoroughly investigated.  They engage in nonstop brainwashing to clueless people with FAKE News CALLING OUR PRESIDENT AND HIS SON TREASONOUS.   Surely they are treasonous and do not deserve a NON For Profit Status designation for brainwashing their audience, a significant segment of the population, against their President, against Israel and against Jews..

They started this fight by not paying their rent in a timely fashion. I think our elected officials,  Tom DiNapoli and deBlasio who advocate for WBAI and support Linda Sarsour,  an openly pro Muslim Brotherhood Sharia advocate, a Jihad promoter, and an anti Trump basher should reconsider who they consider as their friends.  They can not play both sides of the fence.  And by choosing the side of evil they are alienating those who are truly American and those who appreciate Western Civilization as did the Founding Fathers of this Great Country. They are politically putting themselves way in left field. 

I hope New York constituents vote their disdain and them out of office on Election day!

The letter written to Empire State Realty Trust on behalf of WBAI by NY City and NY State elected officials is now posted on the WBAI website at  Please read their Press Release cited above

Here is the news from Board Member WBAI Stephen M. Brown from his perspective as it is an eye opener.

Good News (maybe) about WBAI's
$4 million legal battle with the Empire State Building Realty Trust
Dear Friends of WBAI & Pacifica -- 
As of Wednesday of last week, the Empire State Realty Trust was still demanding that the judge grant its Motion for Summary Judgment and force WBAI -- not only to pay $2.2 million in rent (or about 4 times the market value!) -- but also force Pacifica to remain on the hook for an additional $2 million in future rent payments at the same inflated price.
And as of Wednesday, ESRT was refusing even to negotiate. Their message was, in essence (to paraphrase the famous Daily News headline of October 30, 1975), "ESRT to WBAI: Drop Dead.
Yet  suddenly -- the next day, in fact -- ESRT did an about face. Its lawyer called Pacifica's lawyer and said, in effect, "Hey, Guys, let's sit down and see if we can reach an amicable settlement."

What happened? This happened.
On Thursday, Randy Credico persuaded New York State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli, a longtime friend, to appear on his WBAI radio show ("Live on the Fly") specifically to discuss the WBAI-Empire State Building lawsuit.
DiNapoli ("the 2nd most powerful man in NY State government," and famous for refusing to give interviews) not only agreed to be interviewed on Randy's show, but also immediately sent off a letter to the Empire State Realty Trust, in which he politely "urged" it to "consider negotiating with WBAI/Pacifica to reach an agreement that will serve the interests of ESRT while allowing WBAI to continue its important work." 
That wasn't all. Credico also got numerous State Legislators and NY City Council Members to send the same message to ESRT. Finally, Credico also contacted Mayor Bill DeBlasio (another longtime friend ever since their days in Nicaragua protesting against Reagan's Contra Wars). As a result, DeBlasio wrote to ESRT on WBAI's behalf. (He may also have phoned, but I could not verify.) 

To sum up, that is a heck of a lot of negative "political noise" to be directed at a corporation like ESRT, which is very concerned about its pubic image. ESRT is also, I would think, very concerned about not antagonizing the comptroller, the mayor, and numerous state legislators and council members of state and city governments with which, like every real estate coporation, it has many and complex involvements.  
So was that that the reason for ESRT's sudden change of heart and "nice guy" demeanor? I hope so. It's nice to be able to think that, at least once in a blue moon, the apparatus of government may actually be working with Pacifica, instead of against it. 
But will it make any difference in the end?  Well, you now know as much as I know. So your guess is as good as mine. When I called Pacifica Executive Director Bill Crosier, about an hour ago (he was in his car on the way to a Fourth of July family reunion), he said that ESRT's apparent change of heart made him hopeful, but that he had no crystal ball. Well that makes two of us.

Anyway, I have not (yet) been able to sniff out a copy of DeBlasio's letter to ESRT or the petition sent by the state legislators and city councilmen. But I did manage to get my hands on a copy of Comptroller Tom DiNapoli's letter to ESRT (don't ask). You can read it here:

Stephen M. Brown